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These are the items we will be giving away for 2018. Every month we will select a couple of items to giveaway to our patreon supports. This is our way of giving back to the people that support us. Please go here to signup, thank you! Wai and Elvan.

Introduction to FPV Drones

One of our primary goals at the FPV Podcast is to grow the FPV community. If you are new to FPV, then check out the these episode. They contain a wealth of knowledge from the best people in our community.

Your Host: Wai Lam & Elvan Wilson

FPV Aftercast

The FPV Aftercast is a audio sports journey for drone racing.

Like with any other major sports, there is plenty to talk about during and after the events.

Your Host: Wai Lam & Elvan Wilson
Special Host: Andrew and Chuck

History of Drone Racing

Drone Racing has a rich history and we here at the podcast do our best to document the history of this emerging sport.

As the technology and the community continues to grow, we will continue to record the history.

Your Host: Elvan Wilson and Wai Lam

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Elvan Wilson
Wai Lam
and Guest!

FPV is our passion. Our goal is to is help build the best RC community possible and have a few laughs along the way.


About Us


Elvan Wilson (Mr. Miyagi)

Grampa RC of the group. He was a wealth of knowledge and has been flying RC since the dinosaurs!

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Wai Lam (woshout)

Content creator by night, director on the weekends and community builder whenever I have time.